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Wushu Project is a renowned and respected organization that offers top-quality kung fu classes to individuals of all ages and skill levels. Our programs provide an authentic and comprehensive learning experience based on Chinese martial arts.  Our Kung Fu classes go further than just physical fitness. By striving through the ranks of Kung Fu you will learn goal setting.  Trying with all your might to perfect the techniques will teach you focus and drive. Practicing hard every week will teach you that discipline is the key ingredient to achieving your dreams. By providing a platform for individuals to challenge themselves physically and mentally, Wushu Project helps students unlock their true potential and achieve levels of fitness and skill they may have never thought possible. In these classes, you will learn martial arts since as Changquan (Longfist), Nanquan (Southern Fist), Sanshou (Chinese Kickboxing), as well as various Chinese weaponry such as sword, staff, and spear.


Wushu is translated as martial (wu) skill (shu) or martial arts. It is best known in the west as “kung fu”. The term kung fu isn’t just about martial arts physically, as it describes any individual accomplishment or refined

skill that is achieved after hard work. Kung fu is also known as the grandfather of all martial since it dates back thousands of years and the origin of many other martial arts, such as Karate and Tae Kwon Do.

What you can expect in our martial arts classes…

Whether you are a beginner seeking self-defense skills, an enthusiast aiming for physical fitness, or a serious martial artist desiring advanced techniques, Wushu Project has the perfect class for you. Our classes consist of modern & traditional training techniques while being a high cardio workout. The classes not only focus on the physical aspects of kung fu but also on developing mental strength, discipline, focus, and respect. Sequences of kicks, punches, jumps, blocks and grabs are taught as well as various gymnastic movements in these classes. International competition routines (governed by the IWuF) are also practiced. These include hand & weapon routines often performed individually.


Do I need experience to join?

No, you do not need any experience to get started.

Do I need equipment?

Yes, but if you are just trying a class we have loaner equipment that you can borrow.  Our starter membership package will include your uniform and shoes needed for class. Additional equipment such as boxing gloves and training weapons can be purchased through the school.

Is martial arts safe?

Our program and facility have been designed to be as safe as possible, while still being effective. You will train on a padded floor and have access to all the necessary training equipment while at Wushu Project.

How often should I attend classes?

We recommend that students attends martial arts classes at least two times a week.

How long does it take to get a black belt?

It depends on the level of commitment to understanding the principles of martial arts and the ability to execute the movements. The minimum required time to get to the first level of black belt is 3 years, but for most people it will take 5-8 years.


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