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Our Lion Dance classes provide a balance of great fun and exercise to help you get active. In each class, you and your teammates will strive to meet new challenges and learn exciting techniques.  Lion Dance is a physical art form that has a rich cultural significance towards celebrating important occasions, and festivals and bringing good luck and blessings. Rooted deeply in Chinese history, lion dance has become a modern sport that is practiced all around the world. We strive to educate our students about the historical and cultural context behind the dragon and lion dance to foster a deep appreciation for this traditional practice. Dance routines are taught and performed in these classes as well as physical conditioning. You will learn new skills such as traditional technique, musical instruments such as; drums, cymbal and gong as well as, International competition routines, and more.


Considered a very traditional art form in China, Lion dancing ultimately brings excitement and good luck! Rooted deeply in Chinese history, lion dance has become a modern sport that is practiced all around the world. New

routines are learned and performed as difficulty increases with skill. We will teach you a multitude of techniques such as traditional Lion technique, Lion Dance Music and International competition routines.

What you can expect in our dragon & lion classes…

Our curriculum is designed to provide structured lessons encompassing various aspects of dragon & lion dance, including footwork, music, teamwork, and choreography. We ensure that students learn the fundamentals while gradually progressing towards more advanced routines. Our all-inclusive approach welcomes individuals of all backgrounds and abilities to join our dragon and lion dance classes. Whether you are a beginner or have prior experience in dance, our classes are tailored to accommodate all skill levels. We believe that the true essence of Lion Dance is best experienced through performances. As a member of Wushu Project, you will have the opportunity to participate in various events, showcases, and competitions, where you can showcase your skills and immerse yourself in the vibrant dragon & lion dance culture.


Do I start learning music or lion first?

You will start learning both music and lion dance. You will first learn to be a lion tail and learn how to play the cymbals.

Do I need equipment?

The only equipment at is needed is provided to you in our starter membership package which will include your uniform and shoes needed for class. Additional equipment will be supplied to you by the school.

Is dragon and lion dance safe?

Our program and facility have been designed to be as safe as possible. You will train on a padded floor and professional equipment while at Wushu Project.

Do I have to be Chinese to do lion dance?

No, Lion and dragon dance is an inclusive activity in which everyone can participate. Dragon and lion dance is now an international sport with many different non-Asian countries involved.

How long does it take before I can perform?

It depends on the level of commitment to understanding the principles of dragon and lion dance or your musical abilities. Most students start on music before going into a lion or dragon for a live performance.


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