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Wushu Project is a Toronto based kung fu school that was founded in 1999; since then we have been working hard to change lives. We believe martial arts has the power to do more than just teach you how to kick and punch, but can be a positive life-changing experience for people of all ages and backgrounds. It’s about connecting with your inner strength, and unleashing it into your life so you can live with more focus and drive to succeed in anything! We strive to cultivate a lifelong love for physical activities within our students, encouraging them to constantly push their boundaries and achieve personal growth. Our dedicated team of experienced instructors are passionate about sharing their expertise and imparting valuable life skills such as discipline, respect, focus, and perseverance.

“Success-driven atmosphere in a facility that is safe, clean & non-intimidating

Wushu Project’s Dragon and Lion dance team was founded in 2009  and has quickly become one of Canada’s leading teams. Not only have we won many international competitions, but also have been able to use this cultural sport as an educational tool through our partnership with TDSB and other community partnerships. As advocates for the art and sport of dragon and lion dance, we are committed to upholding its traditions while embracing innovation and creativity. We continuously strive for excellence, always seeking opportunities for growth and improvement. We organize performances and demonstrations to showcase the beauty, grace, and power of dragon & lion dance promoting greater awareness and appreciation for this ancient art form.


Wushu Project drew inspiration for our logo from an old Chinese legend. This legend tells of the Dragon Gate that sits on the top of a mountain at the mouth of the Yellow River. Koi fish swim upstream, through waterfalls and other dangerous obstacles to reach the top of the mountain. The legend says that when a koi succeeds in the difficult challenge of climbing the waterfalls and reaching the Dragon Gate, it will be rewarded by being transformed into a dragon, one of the most auspicious creatures in Chinese culture. Based on that legend the koi became a symbol of worldly aspiration, courage, perseverance, and accomplishment.


At Wushu Project, our mission is to inspire and empower individuals through the art of wushu, dragon & lion dance. We provide high-quality training and foster a positive community. We aim to cultivate a lifelong love for physical activities and promote character development. Wushu Project aims to be a catalyst for personal transformation, equipping individuals with the physical, mental, and emotional strength needed to thrive in all aspects of life. Through our unwavering dedication to excellence, we empower our students to reach their fullest potential and become exemplary individuals within their communities


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